Associate Research Fellow, Sub-Saharan Africa Center and Turkey/Middle East Program

Research interests:

  • Risk Analysis
  • Benin
  • Elections, governance and state evolution
  • Turkey / Middle East and Africa relations


A graduate from Sciences Po Bordeaux in African Studies, Elisa Domingues dos Santos specialized first in West Africa, particularly in governance issues in Benin, where she lived while working for the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) in Cotonou and for which she co-produced an analysis of the Beninese trade union landscape.

With experience in project management in the development aid and advocacy sector, she joined Ifri from March 2021 to February 2023 as Project Officer for the Sub-Saharan Africa Center and the Turkey/Middle East Program then as an Associate Research Fellow from May 2023.

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Since the launch of the Opening Plan to Africa in 2003, Turkey's African policy has spread to the whole of the African continent, where its involvement is distinguished by its scope and diversity.


The bilateral defense agreement signed by France and Greece in September 2021 confirms the strategic turn of the relationship between the two countries. It was already unveiled in 2020 when Paris supported Athens to counter Turkish maritime operations that France and Greece considered very...

By: Jean-Pierre CABESTAN, Elisa DOMINGUES DOS SANTOS, Zhao Alexandre HUANG, Philippe LE BILLON, Thierry VIRCOULON

China and Africa have enjoyed a strong relationship since the wave of African independences in the 1960s. Nevertheless, relations between China and Africa have significantly expanded since the late 1990s and have been fueled by a growing discourse centered on a “win-win” partnership between...

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