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Philanthropy and Migration in Europe: What Role for Foundations?

The 2015 “crisis” accelerated and/or intensified the involvement of foundations (in particular those from the private sector) in the field of migration. The crisis not only created a sense of urgency, but also generated a movement of public empathy that foundations were willing to accompany and amplify. It was also seen as a challenge to Europe and its humanist values, which foundations sought to defend in accordance with their own beliefs in inclusive societies.


This paper was carried out to gain a better understanding of the role of philanthropic organizations (private or corporate foundations) in migration and asylum issues within Europe. The paper is based in part on a review of existing literature on the role of philanthropic organizations in international affairs and, more importantly, on the results of a questionnaire submitted to selected foundations. Additional interviews were carried out and a seminar was organized by IFRI Center for Migration and Citizenship to collect further feedback and insights.

The paper is incorporated in the objectives of IFRI's Observatory on immigration and asylum. The Observatory offers a place for exchange, expertise, and a laboratory for innovation and building new solutions to address the needs of migrants and refugees. The Observatory works in partnership with private and corporate foundations with the aim to support and expand their activities on migration issues. In doing so, the Observatory supports better cooperation and initiatives between stakeholders. Thus, the study aims to supplement the Observatory's reflection, and consequently assist in on how to improve partnerships between foundations and civil society organizations.


Philanthropy and Migration in Europe: What Role for Foundations?
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