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Space has become a crucial theme in the main international think tanks’ research activities as it entails important strategic, economic, and technological issues.

Since 2001, Ifri has integrated space in its research, notably by ensuring that the political dimension of scientific and human exploration programs is emphasized, and by supporting reflections on the Code of Conduct for Outter Space Activities.

Today, as part of its research agenda, Ifri mobilizes several of its centers and programs to transversally tackle the theme of space, through three main inputs:

  • the competition of powers, driven by the Sino-American rivalry;
  • critical points related to mastery of space, such as the issue of autonomous access to space or the mega-constellations necessary for the digital revolution;
  • these developments’ challenges for Europe and its status as a space power.

Since the Summer 2020, Ifri has been coordinating a tripartite European Space Governance Initiative, together with two other renowned European think tanks: the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik (DGAP) in Germany and the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) in Italy.

Claude-France ARNOULD

Special Advisor to the President for European Affairs 

Éric-André MARTIN

Secretary General of the Study Committee on Franco-German Relations (Cerfa)

By: Florence AUTRET

European space policies and programmes develop in institutions (the European Union, the European Space Agency, national agencies) that operate with different goals and modalities. The recent experience of the Galileo and GMES programmes seems to argue in favor of a more exigent organisation,...


At a time when negotiations between partners in the Galileo Concession are so difficult, it seems urgent to optimize the Galileo business case by identifying new applications for the system's five signals. This Note tries to assess ways to enhance Galileo's future profits. The principle of...

By: Aurélien DESINGLY, (dir.)

The present book is the main outcome of a one-day conference on Galileo held in Reims (France), in November, 2005. The conference chose to assess issues linked to the European satellite navigation program at a crucial time in its development, namely when it is entering its deployment phase...

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