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What are the political challenges for a Space development ?

Ifri's Space Program seeks to establish the importance of space as a political subject among policymakers and the general public, to highlight the central role it plays in our societies and economies. It also aims to situate national, regional and international space policies in the broader context of the dynamics currently affecting international relations. Finally, the project seeks to define and illustrate the strategic opportunities of space, to establish and understand its importance in international politics. The Space Program focuses its analyses on Europe, since its ability to cope with the challenges of the 21st century will depend in part on the development of a coherent and ambitious space strategy.


Until the adoption of the Lisbon treaty in December 2007, there was no explicit reference to space in the EU’s constitutive documents. While the European Space Agency has been active in space since the mid-1970s, the Union’s policy remained without a legal basis for space activities. Parallel...

By: Christophe VENET, Max M. MUTSCHLER

With its draft Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities, the European Union became visible in the debate on space security. This paper analyses this development, drawing on theoretical concepts in the scholarly debate about the ‘actorness" of the EU. The EU can indeed be considered as an...


Due to the wide number of space applications solving earthly problems in a broad range of issue-areas, space activities have a clear political dimension. In this article, the origins and causes of this increasing political relevance of space after the end of the Cold War are shown. The...

Thursday 18 June 2009 to Friday 19 June 2009
from Thursday 18 June 2009 10:30 to Friday 19 June 2009 12:30 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

Thursday June 18th
Welcome and introduction, Laurence Nardon, Head of the Space Policy Program,Ifri and Ray Williamson, Executive Director, SWF

Session 1 : The EU draft Code of...

Thursday 19 December 2002
from 08:00 to 11:00 - Ifri Conferences

La première conférence annuelle du programme Espace, organisée avec le Council on Foreign Relations (en anglais).
(Séminaire CFE)

Lire le résumé de cette conférence, en anglais, en format pdf (108k)

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