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An ominous resource crunch in the so-called “rare earth elements” is now threatening the development of a number of key industries from energy to defense to consumer electronics. As key components in the latest generation of technologies, including specialized magnets for windmills and hybrid...


The Yearbook on Space Policy aims to be the reference publication analysing space policy developments. Each year it presents issues and trends in space policy and the space sector as a whole. Its scope is global and its perspective is European. The Yearbook also links space policy with other...


The article provides a comprehensive overview of global space activities in 2008/2009 with a special focus on Europe. It first acknowledges the transversal nature of space activities by linking them to the broader economic and political trends. It then analyses worldwide space policies and...


2008 and 2009 saw particularly important developments in the specific areas of space transportation, space sciences and exploration, satellite applications and technology developments. The article conducts a thorough review of these trends, adopting both a geographical approach and a thematic...


Over the past fifteen years, two phenomena had a considerable impact on the communication strategies of modern armies and Ministries of Defense: the advent of a new media environment and the development of irregular conflicts. The convergence of these two phenomena has important consequences....

Monday 30 May 2011
from 09:30 to 18:15 - Ifri Conferences

Despite the consensus around and the popularity of the concept, the transition of “green growth” from theory to practice runs into a number of challenges. As the Earth Summit 2012 (Rio + 20) on Sustainable Development draws near, it is crucial for actors to...

Wednesday 27 April 2011
from 09:00 to 11:30 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

As part of the Ifri Energy Program, a seminar with Claude Breining, Head of European Affairs and Standardization Strategy, Schneider Electric Industries, Yamina Saheb, Senior Building Energy Policy Analyst, Energy Efficiency Unit, IEA, and a...

Tuesday 05 April 2011
from 09:00 to 11:30 - Seminars and Round-table Conferences

As part of the Ifri Energy Program, a seminar with Sarah Ladislaw, Senior Fellow, Energy and National Security Program, CSIS, Whashington, Oliver Sartor, Senior Fellow, European Climate Policy, CDC Climat, Paris, and Isabelle Curien, Carbon...

Monday 14 March 2011
from 07:00 to 16:30 - Ifri Conferences

A conference hosted by the Atlantic Council of the United States and l'Institut français des relations internationales. Unconventional gas production has recently seen rapid growth in the United States, and brought with it its share of technical, environmental and social issues. Despite...

Wednesday 09 February 2011
from 07:00 to 17:30 - Ifri Conferences

The annual Conference of the Ifri Energy Program. Opening with Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, Thierry de Montbrial, President of Ifri, Günther Oettinger, Commissioner for Energy, European Commission.

Wednesday 01 December 2010
from 07:45 to 17:15 - Ifri Conferences

Conference organized in partnership with The centre for International Governance Innovation, CIGI, Toronto, Canada.


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