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29 Nov 2023

Kenya’s 2022 Election. Ruto’s Win and Intra-Elite Struggles Etudes de l'Ifri, Ifri, December 2023


This paper aims to highlight how and why William Ruto won the 2022 presidential elections against Raila Odinga by focusing on his political strategy before, during and after the campaign. 

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27 Nov 2023

Decarbonizing European Cities: How to Speed Up and Build Synergies? Notes de l'Ifri, Ifri, November 2023

Cities are on the front line for enabling governments to meet their commitments under the Paris Agreement. Although cities occupy only 2% of the earth’s surface, they are home to between 50 and 60% of the world’s population (70% by 2050...

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16 Nov 2023

COP28: A Tale of Money, Fossil Fuels, and Divisions Briefings de l'Ifri, November 16, 2023

“Humanity has opened the gates of hell”, said the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres during the Climate Ambition Summit, in New York, in September 2023, three months before COP28. The sense of urgency that he conveyed seems shared...

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14 Nov 2023

Russia’s New Challenges in the Baltic/Northern European Theater Russie.Eurasie.Visions, No. 130, Ifri, November 2023

The long war in Ukraine has brought a drastic geopolitical reconfiguration of the Baltic theater and a deep shift in the military balance between Russia and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

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23 Nov 2023

Reflecting on a Decade of the South Pacific Defence Ministers Meeting (SPDMM). Achievements and Future Pathways Briefings de l'Ifri, November 23, 2023

The South Pacific Defence Ministers Meeting (SPDMM) is taking place in Nouméa (New Caledonia) from December 4th to 6th of this year.

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08 Nov 2023

How to Meet the Industrial Challenge of Electric Mobility in France and in Europe Notes de l'Ifri, November 2023

By: Marc-Antoine EYL-MAZZEGA, Diana-Paula GHERASIM, Clémentine VANNIER, Adam CONTU

The deployment at scale of electric mobility in France and in Europe withholds significant industrial, societal, geopolitical, and financial challenges, against the backdrop of strategic dependencies along the value chain of the electric...

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08 Nov 2023

France in the World - Perspective from Paris on Geopolitics and Defence

By: Elie TENENBAUM, interviewed by Sveinn Helgason for the podcast World Focus from Brussels

France plays a major role in Europe as one of the leading nations of the European Union,  plus being a founding member of NATO and a key Ally.  Nevertheless French governments have often been critical of the Alliance through the years...

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07 Nov 2023

War in Ukraine: what prospects after the counter-offensive?

By: Thierry de MONTBRIAL, Dmytro KULEBA

Interview between Dmytro Kuleba, Ukrainian Foreign Minister, and Thierry de Montbrial, Founder and Executive Chairman of the French Institute of International Relations, Founder and Chairman of the World Policy Conference. 

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02 Nov 2023

Impossible Decoupling, Improbable Cooperation: Economic Interdependencies in the Face of Power Rivalries Études de l'Ifri, November 2023

Export restrictions, economic and financial sanctions, politicization of monetary and financial choices, screening of inward and outward foreign direct investments, exceptional customs duties, and state interventions in sectors deemed strategic...

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27 Oct 2023

Racing to the Moon: China's Lunar exploration program in competition with the United States ReConnect China, Policy Brief 4, October 2023

A new Cold War-style race to the moon seems to be in the making. The People’s Republic of China and the United States are both investing in moon exploration with manned lunar scientific stations as the ultimate goal. 

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17 Oct 2023

The Next Surge of Conflict in the South Caucasus Is Still Preventable Éditoriaux de l'Ifri, October 17, 2023

The tragic exodus of the Armenian population from the Nagorno Karabakh region has closed a chapter in the long saga of conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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06 Oct 2023

Towards a New European Trade Strategy in Times of Geopolitical Upheaval: The German Perspective Notes du Cerfa, No. 176, Ifri, October 2023

By: Klemens KOBER

As one of the most successful trading blocs, the European Union (EU) sees itself confronted with the erosion of the global rules-based trading system and trade becoming increasingly weaponized.

01 Dec 2023

Israel-Hamas War Exposes Divisions in France

In a polarized France, President Emmanuel Macron must navigate the conflict in a way that doesn’t further inflame the public or advantage his...
13 Nov 2023

'Joe Biden's economic record is not a good enough argument for the...

Laurence NARDON, quoted by Stéphane Lauer in Le Monde
As the incumbent US president prepares to run for a second term, Americans are not convinced that the Biden administration has improved their lives,...
08 Nov 2023

France Links Conversation in Russian to Star of David Graffiti

Dimitri MINIC, quoted by Aurelien Breeden in The New York Times
After more than 200 blue stars were stenciled on buildings in and around Paris, prosecutors say they are investigating whether a foreign intermediary...
08 Nov 2023

France in the World - Perspective from Paris on Geopolitics and...

Elie TENENBAUM, interviewed by Sveinn Helgason for the podcast World Focus from Brussels
France plays a major role in Europe as one of the leading nations of the European Union,  plus being a founding member of NATO and a key Ally. ...
02 Nov 2023

Italy's Belt and Road blues highlight hopes for rival India-Europe...

Marc JULIENNE, quoted by Mailys Pene-Lassus in Nikkei Asia 
Ship-to-shore cranes tower high above choppy waters and colorful containers on the Ligurian coast of northern Italy. Sailors coming in to dock are...
18 Oct 2023

Gaza-Israel conflict: Opportunity and risk for Russia's Putin

The conflict between Hamas and Israel is both an opportunity and a risk for Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been mired in pressing his...