Research Fellow, Security Studies Center

Research Interests:

  • Hybrid threats in the gray zone
  • Power contest
  • Irregular Wars
  • Crises in Africa and the Middle East

Colonel Laurent Bansept is a military fellow at Ifri's Security Studies Center (CES) and Ifri’s Defense Research Unit (LRD). He is an Army officer, graduated from the French War College, and holds two masters degrees, in public law and in international relations and strategic negotiations.

He has spent most of his career in the Special Forces, and has conducted or commanded numerous missions in most crisis areas of the last twenty years. He also has extensive experience in designing operations at the strategic level.

Familiar with action in joint, interagency and international environments, his work naturally focuses on new conflictuality involving multi-domain engagements, evolution in militarized gray zone and hybrid threats.

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After twenty years of counter-terrorism, the Ukrainian battlefield marks the renewal of so-called “high-intensity” warfare. It constitutes a major strategic turning point, reversing the contemporary model of wars involving the West.

Nearly a decade after its successful war against terrorism in Mali, France is now in the process of turning a page in its military history in Africa. The upcoming end of Operation Barkhane, scheduled since the spring of 2021, comes, however, in a particularly deteriorated strategic context.<...>

The year 2022 marks thirty years since the creation of the Commandement des operations spéciales (COS, Special Operations Command). Those three decades have been dominated by missions carried out in volatile environments, most often against irregular adversaries, primarily terrorist groups.

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