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90 Résultats
By: William C. RAMSAY, Jacques LESOURNE, (eds.)

Until the late 1990s, the balance of Chinese energy production and consumption was treated by the rest of the world as a net figure. No one knew what was going on inside the Chinese economy - it was a black box. As far as anyone was concerned, the Chinese would not soon be a major factor in...


The European Union’s hydrocarbon energy supply depends heavily on imports. While the European Commission has recommended diversifying and increasing domestic resources, notably with renewable resources which should grow to 20% by 2020, dependence on hydrocarbon imports will remain not only...

By: Christian SCHÜLKE

A major change has taken place in the company structure of the European electricity and gas markets. Twenty years ago, national or regional monopolies dominated the markets and there was strictly no competition between utilities. But since the liberalization of EU energy markets began in the...


Sub-Saharan African hopes of democratization raised by the end of the cold war and the decline in the number of single party states are giving way to disillusionment. Today, even countries such as Senegal and South Africa, reputed for their democratic nature, are threatening to veer towards...

By: Gilles BOQUERAT, Richard ASBECK, (eds.)

Since the November 2008 attacks in Mumbai, the India-Pakistan dialogue has been at a standstill. Through analysis from German, French, Indian and Pakistani authors and in reference to other reconciliation processes between counties with a long history of hostility, this work explores the paths...


Electricity interconnections is a prominent issue in the news, sometimes even featured as a panacea for the shortcomings of the European electricity market - a panacea that would ensure energy supply and security and pave the way for a promising use of renewables in the future.