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With its regional programs, the institute monitors the main strategic areas of the world. Specific attention is given to the regular on-the-ground-presence of Ifri’s researchers and to the upkeep of a permanent dialog with local actors.

Summary: This discussion paper proposes an analysis of incompleteness peace processes in Eastern Congo which have resulted in a stalemate - a stalemate which has encouraged the conflict's actors to prioritize using force in order to impose " their solution " (victorious blitzkrieg from...

By: Kerry Longhurst & Susanne Nies

The European Commission's proposal for an Eastern Partnership has found a groundswell of support in the run up to the Prague Eastern Summit in May. The Commission's vision sees both strengthened bilateralism as well as innovative multilateral initiatives and ‘flagship' projects to put...


A number of countries have chosen recently to shift away from an exclusive support to trade multilateralism and towards regional or bilateral trade agreements. Being no exceptions in this respect, the Republic of South Korea and the European Union have engaged in a bilateral...


A widely held consensus view claims that East Asia has been shifting recently from a market-led to an institution-based form of regional economic integration, primarily as a result of the 1997-1998 financial crisis. Next to post-crisis financial cooperation schemes under the...


China has become an important provider of development assistance (through grants and soft loans) to Central Asian states. The focus of this study is the two states of the region most in need of aid: Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. The paper discusses the characteristics of Chinese assistance,...

Tuesday 03 May 2011
from 13:00 to 14:30 - Dinners and Luncheons

Déjeuner-débat introduit en anglais par Benjamin Augé, Chercheur associé au programme Afrique subsaharienne, IFRI et par Comrade Sunny Ofehe, Président-fondateur de l'ONG : HOPE FOR NIGER DELTA CAMPAIGN (HNDC).

Thursday 14 April 2011
from 09:30 to 18:30 - Ifri Conferences

Developing Turkish-Arab relations have certainly become a major trend in the Middle East. AKP's Turkey, who seems to come to terms with the Ottoman heritage, is imposing itself as a diplomatic, economic and cultural power in the Middle East. What role will it play in the current political...

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