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The Turkey Observatory


Putting forward high quality information on the shifts and changes taking place in contemporary Turkey

The Turkey Observatory's main objective is to sustain a regular flux of information provided by esteemed experts. This allows us to account for the rapid transformations that affect today's Turkish society, economy and political world.

This information can be accessed on Ifri's website where we regularly post "notes d'analyses"- short papers (5-6 pages long) tackling topical issues. These notes are produced by Turkish researchers and analysts, and by experts on Turkey and its immediate regional environment. Every note is commented on by another expert in the form of a short interview, in order to provide a counter-perspective to the points made in the note. This allows the expression of different, competing points of view and thus launches a debate on the important issues Turkey is facing.

Although it priviledges a policy oriented  and contemporary analysis, the Observatory whithin the Contemporary Turkey Program also tackles the historical and sociological dimension of things, in order to better understand present developments in Turkey. The program will tackle both substantive and conjunctural issues.

Dorothée SCHMID

Senior Research Fellow, Head of Ifri’s Turkey and Middle East Program

Over the past years, the Eastern Mediterranean has become centerstage of an increasingly internationalized and militarized conflict driven by different albeit interlinked issues and an arena for a growing variety of actors to project their geopolitical ambitions.

Developing economic relations with GCC countries has become a consistent objective of the Turkish government since the coming in power of AKP. They have been successful in rallying part of the Turkish business community to this objective, thus building an internal social consensus towards...

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