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Unconventional Fuels: an Energy Revolution that is also about Oil

Unconventional Fuels: an Energy Revolution that is also about Oil

Dans le cadre de l'Ifri Energy Breakfast Roundtable, un séminaire avec Michael Cohen, Senior Oil Market Analyst, IEA, Marcus Lippold, Coordinator - International Energy Relations & Oil Dialogue and International Cooperation, DG Energy, European Commission et Roland Vially, Project Leader Unconventional Hydrocarbon, IFPEN
Présidence : Wiliam C. Ramsay, Senior Adviser of the Center for Energy and Jacques Lesourne, Chairman of the Scientific of the Center for Energy at Ifri.

Not so long ago, increases in oil prices automatically stirred the peak oil debate. New discoveries in deep offshore, tar sands, shale oil & oil shale etc…but also the shale gas revolution seem to have bring a new light to the discussion. Time might be ripe at last to make the citizen understand that access to resources is about cost and technology and that scarcity on the market is not a reflection of resources depletion. Everything is about definition. This roundtable intends to provide the audience with an overview of the main issues associated to unconventional oil. What does the term “unconventional” recover? What are the current developments in North America? What could be the impact for global market? Would the geopolitical game be modified by the entrance of new actors on the energy scene? Three experts, Roland Vially, IFP, Michael Cohen, IEA, and Marcus Lippold, EC, will discuss the latest developments and attempt to present their insight views on these topics. The presentations will be followed by a Q&A session.

CCE - Room 1 - Avenue de la Joyeuse Entrée 17-21 - Brussels (metro : Schuman)

Centre Energie Ifri - breux@ifri.org

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