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The Reorganization of Middle East Denis Bauchard, Politique étrangère, 2:2007, (été). 'The situation of Middle East is now worst than in 2002, before the definition of an American strategy whose effects have been disastrous.'

Buy the article on CAIRN websiteAbstractObviously, the ambitious Greater Middle East project has failed. In Iraq, confrontation between communities provides a safe haven for terrorists. The Palestinian issue is not solved. In Lebanon, Hezbollah was not “eradicated”. Iran is seen as an “existential threat” by Israel. The whole regional process of democracy and reforms is stopped and violent groups or movements are using militias to gain influence. The United States have lost credibility, the European Union—except in Lebanon—is a sleeping partner, and new actors are getting influence: Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia.Denis Bauchard, Former Diplomat and specialist of the Middle East issues, has been President of the Institut du monde arabe from 2002 to 2004 before he joins the Ifri as a Senior Fellow, Maghreb/Middle East Advisor.