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2610 Résultats
By: Dorothée SCHMID, Amine BENBERNOU

Today, the geopolitics of the Middle East is undergoing deep structural changes. The regional order is in transition in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, which shook authoritarian governance and facilitated competition for power against the backdrop of American...


Although it is still marginal, the market for electric vehicles (EVs) is growing. According to the French Institute of Petroleum and Renewable Energies (IFPEN, Institut Français du Pétrole et des Énergies Renouvelables), EVs accounted for a little more than 2% of the light vehicle market in...

By: Matthieu TARDIS, Daniele Albanese

More than 70 million people were forcibly displaced at the end of 2018. In that context, more safe and legal pathways to countries of asylum is a crucial challenge for the international protection regime. A toolkit is available to States and UNHCR, more particularly refugee resettlement.


The European Union (EU)’s Green Deal is a game changer with attention so far focused on forthcoming actions plans, the Climate Law, financial resources, the revision of the 2030 targets and of the emissions trading system (ETS).