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Ifri Paris
de 09:00 à 13:00
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European Union's Eastern Partnership and Eurasian Union: Collision or Collusion of Visions and Interests? Un séminaire fermé sur invitation personnelle

In May 2015 will be held in Riga the forth summit of the Eastern Partnership, an initiative of the European Union launched in 2009 for six post-Soviet States (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine). The current situation is clearly marked by the Ukrainian crisis and an unprecedented deterioration of EU-Russia relations. What retuning of the Eastern Partnership is needed in this new context? What relationship with Eurasian Union, the Russian-led regional alternative?

A closed seminar organized by the Russia/NIS Center, Ifri with the support of Embassy of Latvia in France, Latvian Institute of International Affairs and the Latvian Presidency of the EU.


A seminar in English




Ifri, 27 rue de la Procession - 75015 PARIS
Contact avec les organisateurs: 

Cécile Campagne, assistante, Centre Russie/NEI
tél : 01 40 61 60 21 - campagne@ifri.org