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European On-orbit Satellite Servicing and Active Debris Removal

European On-orbit Satellite Servicing and Active Debris Removal

On-orbit satellite servicing (OOS) and Active debris removal (ADR) are part of an emerging category of future on-orbit activities that are critical for taking the next leap into our use of Earth orbit. The ability to repair or refuel satellites, construct new satellites in orbit, and even remove orbital debris can help drive innovative uses of space and foster the sustainable use of outer space. These activities also raise a host of diplomatic, legal, safety, operational, and policy challenges that need to be tackled for this future to be possible.

The purpose of this conference is to review Europe's current OOS and ADR activities, and to analyze their legal, commercial and policy implications.


0900 Registration and Coffee

0930 Welcome
Michael Simpson, Secure World Foundation (SWF)
Christophe Venet, Institut français des relations internationales (Ifri)

0945 European OOS and ADR Activities
Overview of activities and the challenges they pose to international stability and security.

Overview of ESA"s Clean Space Initiative - Luisa Innocenti, ESA HQ
Bernd Sommer, DLR
CNES (invited)
Muriel Richard, Swiss Space Center

1100 Summary of DARPA"s Conference on Sustainable Satellite Servicing
David Barnhart, DARPA

1120 Overview of the International Security and Stability Challenges with OOS and ADR
Tiffany Chow, SWF

1140 Coffee Break

1200 Session 1 - Legal Challenges with OOS and ADR
Overview of the legal challenges and concerns with both OOS and ADR, including sovereignty, liability, and the definition of space debris.

Moderator - Tanja Masson-Zwan, University of Leiden
Martha Mejia-Kaiser, International Institute of Space Law
Yaw Nyampong, McGill University
Lesley-Jane Smith, Weber-Steinhaus & Smith

1300 Lunch

1430 Session 2 - Commercial Sector Perspectives
Overview of perspectives on ADR and OOS from the commercial sector, including insurers, satellite operators, satellite manufacturers, and investors.

Moderator - Tiffany Chow, Secure World Foundation
Stewart Sanders, SES
Eutelsat (Invited)
Didier Alary, EADS Astrium
Antoine Bavandi, Argo Assurances
Joerg Kreisel, JKIC
Laura Gatti, Thales Alenia Space

1545 Coffee Break

1600 Session 3 - International Cooperative Initiatives on Space
A discussion of current initiatives on space sustainability and security and their relationship with ADR and OOS.

Moderator - Agnieszka Lukaszczyk, SWF
Richard Buenneke, U.S. State Department (Invited)
Pierre-Louis Lempereur, European External Action Service
Richard Crowther, United Kingdom Space Agency

1715 Closing Remarks
Christophe Venet, Ifri

1730 Reception

Residence Palace Internation Press Center, Rue de la Loi 155, 1040 Brussels


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