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European Unconventional Gas Developments: Environmental Issues and Regulatory Challenges in the EU and the US

A conference hosted by the Atlantic Council of the United States and l'Institut français des relations internationales Unconventional gas production has recently seen rapid growth in the United States, and brought with it its share of technical, environmental and social issues. Despite these issues, which are the subject of a current Environmental Protection Agency review, it is thought that unconventional gas might play a major role in the future energy makeup of the United States. Europe also has reserves of unconventional gas - in the form of tight sands and coal bed methane as well as shale gas - which may be exploited in the near future if it is viable to do so. It is thus advantageous for Europeans and Americans alike to seek to gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding this new energy source.

Following a preliminary workshop in Washington DC hosted by the Atlantic Council on 25th January 2011, and two previous workshops held by Ifri in Brussels on 7th May and 29th September 2010, the two organisations will collaborate to convene a further meeting in Brussels on the 14th March. This meeting will aim to collate views from both sides of the Atlantic in order to gain a better understanding of environmental issues related to unconventional gas resources, with a particular focus on the issue of public acceptance.

Conseil Central de l'Economie, Avenue de la Joyeuse Entrée 17-21 B-1040 Brussels

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