Chercheur, coordonnateur du Laboratoire de Recherche sur la Défense (LRD)

Domaines d'expertise :

  • Guérillas, terrorisme et insurrections
  • Opérations militaires
  • Continuum sécurité-défense
  • Histoire militaire 


Élie Tenenbaum est chercheur au Centre des Études de Sécurité de l’IFRI et coordinateur du Laboratoire de Recherche sur la Défense (LRD). Il travaille particulièrement sur les questions de guérilla et de guerre irrégulière ainsi que sur la problématique des interventions militaires et des opérations extérieures.

Agrégé et docteur en histoire, diplômé de Sciences Po, il a été Visiting Fellow à l’Université de Columbia ; il a également enseigné la sécurité internationale à Sciences Po et l’histoire des relations internationales à l’Université de Lorraine.

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By: Elie TENENBAUM, Morgan PAGLIA, Nathalie RUFFIÉ

France is one of the few nations in the world to benefit from a permanent global military presence. With more than 10,000 military personnel from all three services, deployed across the five continents and the three main oceanic basins, it benefits from the second largest network of...


Although it had never entirely disappeared, the surface-to-air threat was mitigated for three decades by Western air superiority. It now benefits from a modernization and dissemination momentum that will increasingly hinder expeditionary forces’ freedom of action. 


Military helicopters have evolved into technologically sophisticated weapon systems. Originally designed to counter Soviet armor, attack helicopters now have to cope with a wide spectrum of threats, some of them bringing them back to their counterinsurgency roots.

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By: Elie TENENBAUM, quoted in the Washington Post

Sentinel represents a watershed development in French military operations. For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the number of French army soldiers actively deployed in metropolitan France roughly equals that of overseas operations. But the military establishment here is far...