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Economic issues are covereded from a political economy perspective: changes in the global economic system, governance and institutions, dynamics and trends in different economic zones (USA, Russia, China, Emerging ...). European problems are given special attention.

By: Nadège ROLLAND

China’s “One Belt, One Road” project, also known as the “New Silk Road”, aims to create a vast infrastructure network connecting three continents, with China playing the central role.


When Dmitry Medvedev announced in late 2014 that the presence of ministers and other officials should be sharply increased on the boards of public companies, observers were surprised, considering that four years before the former President started a campaign to remove them from the very same...

By: Thierry VIRCOULON, Victoria MADONNA

For the new geopolitical reality called “Chinafrica”, the future may not be destined to be as radiant as the official win-win rhetoric would have us believe. Although the beginning of the century was notable for the exponential development of Sino-African trade (which grew from $10&nbsp...

By: Sydney VIGRAN

For more than half a century, Cuba captured America’s attention as a symbol of anti-Americanism right in its own backyard. As normalized relations between the United States and Cuba bring these iconic hostilities to a close, many wonder if Castro’s Cold War...

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