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Révolution technologique et ordre régional en Asie de l’Est Série de visioconférences

Dans un contexte de compétition géopolitique de plus en plus marquée, les technologies et leurs nouveaux usages pourraient être à même de perturber les équilibres stratégiques en Asie de l’Est.

Cette série de visioconférences portera sur les diverses implications de l'usage des nouvelles technologies dans les sphères politiques, économiques et sécuritaires en Asie orientale.




Mardi 24 NOVEMBRE - 10:00-11:30 (CET)
Technology and politics: Challenges and opportunities for governance and democracy

Opening remarks 

  • Françoise Nicolas, Director, Center for Asian Studies, Ifri and
  • François Chih-chung Wu, Representative, Taipei Representative Office in France

Key themes

- Impact of emerging technologies on governance and state-society relations - the example of Smart Cities

- Technology as a facilitator of and a threat to authoritarian governance – the case of China

- Technology as a challenge and opportunity for democracy - a view from Taiwan

  • John Lee, Senior Analyst, Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS)
  • Yeali Sun, Professor, Department of Information Management, National Taiwan University and Commissioner in the National Communication Commission in Taiwan
  • Yumin Joo, Associate Professor, KDI School of Public Policy and Management

Moderated by John Seaman, Research Fellow, Center for Asian Studies, Ifri


Mercredi 25 NOVEMBRE - 10:00-11:15 (CET) 
Technology and Economics: Techno-nationalism VS Techno-globalism in East Asia

Key themes

- Protectionism and globalism in East Asia

- Geopolitics and technology value chains

- The vendor dilemma and 5G roll-out in Northeast and Southeast Asia

  • Alex Capri, Visiting Senior Fellow, National University of Singapore Business School
  • Clara Gillispie, Senior Advisor, National Bureau of Asian Research
  • Huong Le Thu, Senior Analyst, Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI)

Moderated by Françoise Nicolas, Senior Economist and Director, Center for Asian Studies, Ifri


Jeudi 26 NOVEMBRE - 10:00-11:00 (CET)
Technology and security: adapting to changing cyber security threats in East Asia 

Key themes

- Comparative analysis of cyber threats and their evolution in East Asia

- Digitization of critical infrastructure and growing security risks

- Conceiving of and preparing for cyber warfare

  • Jun Osawa, Senior Research Fellow, Institute for International Policy Studies (IIPS), Tokyo
  • Benjamin Ang, Senior Fellow, Deputy Head, Centre of Excellence for National Security, S Rajarathnam School of International Studies (RSIS)

Moderated by Marc Julienne, Research Fellow and Head of China Research, Center for Asian Studies, Ifri


Lundi 30 NOVEMBRE - 10:30-11:30 (CET)
Assessing the scope of technological change, its impact on society and global order

A conversation with
Audrey Tang
Digital Minister, Taiwan

Animated and moderated by Thomas Gomart, Director, Ifri,
with discussion from:

  • Alice Pannier, Research Fellow, Head of the Geopolitics of Technologies Program, Ifri
  • Marc Julienne, Research Fellow, Head of China Research, Center for Asian Studies, Ifri


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