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La position de l'Europe dans le nouvel ordre mondial

Thierry de Montbrial, président de l'Ifri, est l'invité de China Global Television Network (CGTN), en marge du Forum de Paris sur la Paix, novembre 2019. Il revient sur la position de l'Europe dans un monde dominé par la compétition chino-américaine. Il est interviewé par Yang RUI.

In the wake of Brexit, France and Germany will assume European leadership in handling issues such as collective defense in the absence of the U.S., defending multilateral institutions and facilitating further regional integration despite the rise of popularism. At the same time, trade conflicts between the U.S. and China and changes in power equation cast a shadow on the prospects of globalization and co-prosperity. How will France view the growing rivalry between Washington and Beijing, and will the principle of multilateralism be protected?


Vidéo disponible en anglais uniquement.

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