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Korean Peninsula

Françoise NICOLAS

Senior Research Fellow and Director, Center for Asian Studies, Ifri


A number of countries have chosen recently to shift away from an exclusive support to trade multilateralism and towards regional or bilateral trade agreements. Being no exceptions in this respect, the Republic of South Korea and the European Union have engaged in a bilateral...

By: Narushige MICHISHITA

On 13 February, the Fifth Round of the Six-Party Talks ended with the adoption of an 'Action Plan' for the North Korean nuclear issue. The Action Plan represents the lowest common denominator for the parties involved. In agreeing to it, all parties made minimum necessary concessions and gained...

By: Frédérique SACHWALD, (ed.)

The broad aim of this book is to explore the pattern and determinants of Korean foreign direct investment. The main focus is on Outward Direct Investment, but data and analysis are provided on both inward and outward flows in developed and developing counties in order to arrive at a better...

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