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Hillary Clinton et le leadership américain Politique Internationale, No 152, Summer 2016

Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner in the U.S. presidential election, has plans for American foreign policy. Clinton wants ISIS and Bashar Al-Assad out of Syria and to focus on human rights in trade negotiations with China. Now, Clinton and her campaign hope that voters will believe in her vision and her ability to make it happen.


Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner in the upcoming U.S. presidential election, cannot be accused of neglecting her foreign policy program. The Democratic candidate, Secretary of State during President Obama's first administration (2009-2013), sets out her official slate of action on her campaign website. The watchword is "getting the job done". In the Middle East, she wants to see Bashar al-Assad gone and ISIS destroyed. To achieve this, she intends to arm the Kurds and put pressure on the Gulf States to cease funding radical groups. In dealing with China, she will prioritize trade relations while seeking to press for human rights wherever possible (in 2012, alongside a trade deal, she obtained the release of a prominent Chinese dissident). As for Vladimir Putin's Russia, she will talk tough on the Ukrainian issue - the only language the Kremlin understands and respects, in her view.

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