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Kerry Longhurst, Marcin Zaborowski

The New Atlanticist. Poland's Foreign and Security Policy Priorities Chatham House/Blackwell Piblishing, Londres, mars 2007

The New Atlanticist. Poland's Foreign and Security Policy Priorities

Of all the countries that joined the EU in 2004 Poland was by far the largest and the most vocal. Its confidence and assertiveness over the European constitution, together with its strong support for US policy over Iraq, suggested that Warsaw was determinated from the start to be a heavyweight in the new Europe. Given its military potential, its proven capacity to use armed force and its de facto role as a regional leader, it is clear that Poland will have a defining influence not only on the nature of transatlantic relations, but also on the EU's emerging international identity.

This book is the first authoritative account of Poland's emerging foreign and security policies and will contribute to an understanding of the foreign policy preferences of an enlarged EU.

Dr Kerry Longhurst est professeur à l'European Research Institute de l'Université de Birmingham en Grande-Bretagne et chercheur associé à l'Ifri. Elle est spécialiste de la politique allemande de sécurité et de la politique étrangère et de sécurité de la Pologne.

Dr Marcin Zaborowski est maître de conférences à Aston University en Grande-Bretagne et chercheur à l'Institut d'Éudes de Sécurité - Union Européenne à Paris. Il est spécialiste des relations transatlantiques et de la PESC.